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If you are suffering from any of the following it could be thyroid related:

Weight Gain or Loss

An underactive thyroid and subsequent slower metabolism can lead to weight gain, just as an overactive thyroid and faster metabolism can result in weight loss.  

Food cravings for sugar and carbs

An increase in metabolism, caused by an overactive thyroid, can see insulin in the blood removed at a quicker rate, resulting in food cravings for sugar and carbs and frequent hunger. 

Having muscle weakness and tremors

Hyperthyroidism resulting in increased breakdown of muscle protein and greater muscle energy use can cause muscle weakness whilst hypothyroidism can lead to muscle weakness, pain and cramping.


Hypothyroidism affects memory and can cause forgetfulness, because thyroid hormones play a role in brain areas that are crucial for our memories and cognitive skills.

Low libido

Thyroid problems have been linked to low testosterone, an important hormone responsible for low libido in men and women.


Low energy levels, poor quality sleep, difficulty falling asleep and night sweats are all thyroid related causes of daytime sleepiness or hypersomnia.


Thyroid hormones influence digestion and elimination processes which can slow down resulting in constipation. 


An underactive thyroid can negatively impact your energy levels and mood state which can result in feelings of depression and helplessness.

Poor Concentration

As thyroid hormones act upon areas of the brain responsible for cognition, hyperthyroidism can affect concentration and decision making abilities.


Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can each negatively impact fertility - both the ability to become pregnant and the ability to carry a fetus to full term.


Commonly known as thyroid fatigue, exhaustion typically occurs in hypothyroidism when a drop in hormone production leads to lower energy levels.

Hair loss

Both an excess or reduction in thyroid hormones can negatively impact and disrupt the normal hair regrowth cycle.

Anxiety & Irritability

An overactive thyroid can cause feelings of anxiety, restlessness and irritability due to an overproduction of thyroid hormones and an increase in your basal metabolic rate.

Sensitivity to heat or cold

As major regulators of metabolism and heat production, a change in thyroid hormone levels will confuse the body into producing either too much heat or not enough energy.

Visual problems or eye irritations

Both hyper and hypothyroidism can affect the eye and it is thought that thyroid antibodies are responsible. Hypothyroidism can result in dry eyes, blurry vision and swelling wheres hyperthyroidism can result in eye bulging.

Iodine Deficiency

Low levels of iodine cause brain fog, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and goitre. Long term iodine deficiency leads to hypothyroidism.

How We Can Help

Our resident naturopath and thyroid specialist Angela La Leggia is a highly qualified practitioner, who uses evidence-based natural therapies and traditional medicines to address the underlying cause of ill health. She is a passionate practitioner who looks at and analyses your health problems from a physical, mental and emotional viewpoint.

We offer diagnostic testing including functional and general pathology as well as iridology analysis reporting.  We look forward to meeting you and getting to the bottom of your health story so that you may live a wonderful healthy life…..naturally.



Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended to anyone needing help with their health and wellbeing.

Deborah K

My experience with Angela has been life changing. I can't believe how quickly she was able to identify what I needed and within 2 weeks I felt physically like a new person. I have never felt better and issues I thought I would have for life, have been fixed in a matter of months. I am beyond happy with my experience with Angela.


Love this Naturopath! Picked up my thyroid issue well before the doctors did. Got me back on track healthwise.

Julia H

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