What is Naturopathy?

: an alternative health care system that combines evidence-based medicine with traditional natural therapies and is based on the fundamental belief that, given the right conditions, the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

The six fundamental principles of naturopathy

  • The healing power of nature

    Naturopaths believe that nature has an innate ability to heal

  • Identify and treat the cause

    Treating symptoms is only ever temporary. Finding the underlying cause of dis-ease, be it physical or emotional, is the correct path to wellness

  • First do no harm

    A naturopath will always choose the most natural, least invasive and least toxic treatment, to avoid creating other imbalances or side effects

  • Practitioner as teacher

    Part of the naturopath’s role is to inform and educate the patient, empowering them to take responsibility for their own healing and maintenance of health

  • Treat the whole person

    Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system viewing the body as an integrated whole, therefore treatment addresses the mind, body and spirit

  • Prevention

    Understanding how toxins impact health and making changes to diet and lifestyle to avoid toxins as a strategy for future disease prevention

By combining evidence-based medicine with traditional healing methods, naturopathy treats the whole person, not just the presenting symptoms, in an effort to find the root underlying cause of ill-health and dis-ease.

The core beliefs underpinning naturopathy are the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through eating a well-balanced and nutrient dense diet, hydrating with clean fresh water, safe exposure to sunlight, regular exercise and stress management.

Naturopathy focuses on the body’s capacity to heal itself and identifies and treats the cause of the dis-ease. Educating, empowering and supporting our patients through their health journey enables them to understand their ailments and gives them the tools to get better.

An initial naturopathy consultation involves a one hour detailed discussion of your current health issues, a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle and medical history, and a review of your diet and any medications/supplements.

Diagnostic pathology tests can be arranged if appropriate to help explain and further understand any health concerns or to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Other clinical diagnostic tools such as iridology, tongue and nail analysis and allergy testing, are also utilised to gain a more thorough picture of your current health and to inform your treatment plan.

Your treatment may include the use of modalities including herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle advice. By educating and supporting you through your health journey, we empower you to take charge of your health. Each prescription is individual to you and we can work alongside your GP and other specialists if required.

  • Naturopathy Consultation
  • Nutritional Medicine Consultation
  • Herbal Medicine Therapy
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Iridology Consultation and Report
  • Diagnostic Testing