ALL Naturopath is a natural medicine practice that provides a holistic approach to healthcare. Our  resident naturopath is a highly qualified practitioner, who uses evidence-based natural therapies to address the underlying cause of ill health. She is a passionate practitioner who looks at and analyzes your health problems from a physical, mental and emotional viewpoint.

Optimal health is not only about reducing disease but it is about having energy, feeling well and preventing diseases long term so that you may experience a long and happy life.  Your life-long wellness is important and naturopathic medicine can help you to reduce symptoms, manage existing health issues, prevent disease and slow down the aging process. At ALL Naturopath, we help you to reach your optimal wellbeing, so that you can be happy, active and feel vitality throughout all of life’s transitions.

ALL naturopath has a large herbal dispensary and also stocks prescription-only quality supplements. You can access our carefully selected products through our clinic or online store.

We offer diagnostic testing including functional and general pathology as well as iridology analysis reporting.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to the bottom of your health story so that you may live a wonderful healthy life…..naturally.



Initial 1hour consultation                          $140.00    
Subsequent 30 minute consultation         $75.00 
60 minute double appointment                 $125.00

Optional Extras

Dietary Analysis                             $20.00

Nutrient Deficiency Analysis          $50.00

Zinc Tally Test                               $12.00

Tongue Analysis                            $10.00

Nail Analysis                                  $10.00

BP Measurement                          $10.00

Body Mass Index Measurement    $10.00


Iris Analysis  15 minutes                          $20.00       

Iris Photos (taken for free)

Copy of Iris Photos                                  $20.00                                          

Iridology Report Short                             $80.00      



Swedish Relaxation Massage 30 minutes     $60.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage 1 hour           $100.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage 90minutes      $140.00


Reflexology 1 hour                                         $100.00

Pamper Package   
1 hour Swedish Relaxation Massage followed by 1 hour Reflexology          $160.00